Trafficked: My Story of Surviving, Escaping, and Transcending Abduction into Prostitution  by: Sophie Hayes

An amazing personal account of abduction and forced prostitution. Ms. Hayes holds nothing back in her gripping account of her experience as a prostitute for six grueling months and almost daily beatings by her “boyfriend”.

Without any warning, he flew across the room, grabbed me by the throat and started banging my head against the tiled wall of the shower…” page 79

Eventually, due to a severe infection and dehydration, Sophie ended up in the hospital where she was finally able to contact her mother and let her know she was in danger.

There’s no shame in what Sophie did—quite the reverse in fact, because something unimaginably terrible happened to her and instead of giving up and allowing it to beat her, she became determined to live the life she chooses to live and to try to help other people.” Page 246

A story, once read, will not soon be forgotten.


An audio interview with the author, Sophie Hayes A powerful short video (#SophiesLoveStory) using the words Sophie’s “boyfriend” spoke to her when he told her she would be working as a prostitute to pay a debt HE owed.


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