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Posted: April 11, 2016 in Volunteer
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Build Futures is dedicated to taking homeless youth ages 18-24 off the streets of Orange County and providing them with the resources necessary to reach self-sufficiency. We begin by providing them with stable housing and one-on-one support.

Build Futures uses a structured, step-by-step program called “Steps to Success” which is tailored to each youth and connects them with services and resources needed to obtain and maintain long-term independence.

Kids in crisis have no home, no hope and no way out unless we get them off the street now.

  • Over 11,000 Orange County high school students are homeless, 2,773 are seniors aged 18 or turning 18.
  • California’s unsheltered homeless youth population is 79% of the total number of homeless youth.
  • Orange County has the third highest poverty rate in California at 24.2%.
Why Are They On The Streets?
  • Run away from sexual, physical, or emotional abuse
  • From homeless families
  • Thrown out of their home
Steps to Success

Initial Placement

  • Emergency Housing
  • Mentor
  • Phone
  • Transportation

Requirements for Work

  • California ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Transportation

Basic Needs

  • Food Stamps
  • Medical Insurance
  • Mental Health
  • Medical Issues
  • Legal Issues

Work Readiness

  • Resume
  • Job Skills
  • Job Placement
  • Childcare

Education/Life Skills

  • HS/GED Attainment
  • Academic/ Vocational
  • Financial Literacy

Independent Living

  • Permanent Housing
  • Living Wage
  • Driver’s License
  • Volunteer Coordinator- Coordinate and manage volunteers in one or more key functional areas.
  • Fundraising- Organize and implement a fundraiser. Bring donors in the door. Assist with a donor relations strategy and create a fund development plan.
  • Grant Writer- Help with grant writing and submission
  • Web Design/ WordPress- Upgrade the website, enhance appearance and content including multimedia.
  • Marketing- Help with brand messaging, start an online marketing and social media campaign.
  • Multiledia- produce a promotional video.
  • Youth Case Management Coordinator- Help assure all case notes are maintained, aid in tracking the progress of the youth, assure utilization of required resources.
  • Resource manager- Help maintain our current resource database located at
  • more volunteer opportunities at
How To Help
  • Rent- one month $500.00, one year $6,000.00
  • Bus Passes- weekly $25.00, ten-day $45.00, monthly $69.00
  • Cash donations
  • Phones- cell phone $50.00, service $35.00
  • Food gift cards $10.00- $50.00
  • Basic Needs Gift Cards- Wal-mart, Target, Kohl’s $20.00- $100.00
  • Fundraising- organize a fundraising event
A Final Note:

Build Futures has never turned away a homeless youth seeking help in Orange County who wants to turn their life around and with your support, we never will.

Build Futures addresses a problem people don’t know exists and is only getting worse. People often assume they haven’t seen these kids before, but they have–they look like any 18 to 24-year old.

Build Futures prevents homeless youth from a life of crime, drugs, jail, and/or sex trafficking. Jail costs $109.00/night versus $125.00/week to provide housing through Build Futures.

Orange County has one of the highest per-capita homeless rates in the state and without intervention, this demographic is facing chronic homelessness throughout their lives.

It only takes an average or $1000.00 to transform a life and restore hope.


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