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Should prostitution be legal?

In 2002, the German government signed into law the Prostitution Act effectively making prostitution a legal business. The act was promoted with the promises of better “working” conditions and safety standards for the prostitutes. Brothel owners and sex trade lobbyists claimed the industry would not grow under the new law as well.

Unfortunately, this has not happened. Thirteen years later and the conditions for these exploited women have only become worse. Violence, abuse and trauma have all increased as well as the number of women and girls working in the sex industry. Germany is one of the most lucrative prostitution economies in Europe.

The new law also prevents law enforcement access to trafficked women and girls, inhibiting their ability to rescue them.

Gravely concerned for these women and girls, many prominent experts and concerned citizens have requested the legalization of prostitution be repealed, going so far as to start a petition.

Dr. Ingeborg Kraus, who started the petition, was interviewed by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women’s executive director, Taina Bien-Aime about the petition and the effects the Prostitution Act has had on Germany. Here is her interview.

To sign the petition to repeal the Prostitution Act click here.