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As the local human trafficking task force fights to bring an end to trafficking in our area, they are met with a constant challenge: how to effectively support the survivors.

One successful idea has been to have events for the survivors so they may socialize in a safe environment with other survivors and their caseworkers as well as community helpers. Our human trafficking awareness group, a collaboration of local churches, hosted such an event.

We chose a crafting theme which included several kids crafts, card making, glass etching, and bracelet making. Everyone enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of friendly conversation with a backdrop of fun 50s and 60s music.

The afternoon was topped off with a delicious lunch of burgers from In N’Out for which everyone cheered. Yum!


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A human trafficking awareness event was held earlier this year and the kind folks at Calvary Refuge have allowed us to link the video to our website. The video covers all the basic information you will need to educate yourself about the dangers of human trafficking. Please watch and share with family and friends.

We can overcome, but we must first learn.




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National Human Trafficking Hotline 1-888-3737-888
Art Therapy

Art 4 Healing

Career Training

Working Wardrobes


Casa De La Familia

Community Service Programs




Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence & Health Collective


Build Futures

Robyne’s Nest

Salvation Army (Western US) (International)

Human Rights

Amnesty International

Equality Now

Global Rights

Human Rights Watch

Human Trafficking

Forgotten Children, Inc.

Human Trafficking Resource

Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force

Operation Underground Railroad

Polaris Project

Law Enforcement

Department of Homeland Security

US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)


International Justice Mission

Orange County Family Justice Center

Made By Survivors

Purpose Jewelry

Thistle Farms

10,000 Villages


Big Brothers Big Sisters

Missing Children

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children


Heifer International

Sex Trafficking / Adult Entertainment Industry


Breaking Free

Courtney’s House

Fair Girls

Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS)

Run 2 Rescue


Just Serve

Youth Shelters

Casa Youth Shelter

Children of the Night

Orangewood Children’s Home

Start Something to End Trafficking: A Practical Guide to Help You Start a Project, Event, Campaign, or Organization by David Trotter

When most people first hear about the horror of human trafficking, they are immediately drawn to take action but are unsure as to what they can do.

Start Something to End Trafficking is a great place to get ideas for that first step.

Before beginning any philanthropic project, people must ask themselves “why?”

“Why do you want to devote so much time and energy to a project?”

Trotter helps you discover whether your “why?” will be more or less helpful in choosing your “what?”…What will you do to help fight human trafficking? What do you specifically want to focus on?

You can choose from:

  • Raising awareness
  • Decreasing demand
  • Preventing human trafficking
  • Aftercare for survivors
  • Researching the issue
  • Starting an organization

Trotter guides you through several soul-searching questions of a discernment process, so you can focus your interests and strengths to best serve others locally and globally.

Once you know your why and what, Trotter walks you through several tried and true projects, such as launching a project, hosting an event, raising money, and starting an organization.

Questions include…

  • Who will you work with?
  • What will motivate people to attend?
  • Why are you raising money?
  • Do you need to actually start an organization to do what you want to do?

Questions like these will help keep you on track, narrowing the best plan of action for you or your group to succeed.

Helpful suggestions, tips, and motivators to help you to make a positive difference in the world are included throughout the book.

If you are not completely convinced you can make a difference when you first open the book, you will be by the time you finish reading it.


Click here to purchase the book.


After months of planning and preparing, our survivor event was a complete success.

The Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force along with the Community Services Program and Salvation Army, have events every month held especially for the survivors of human trafficking. These events range from life skills classes to fun events like our movie and pizza night.

As a way to help support the task force, they have asked local faith groups and churches to help plan and carry out these events to free up their financial resources for things like food and shelter for the survivors.

The Stop Human Trafficking Action Group with the support of St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church, held a movie and pizza night. We featured the inspiring hit movie Seabiscuit and decorated with horse and racing-themed party decor.

After a filling meal of pizza and salad, we served popcorn and red licorice. The guests left with a little keepsake, too…homemade brownies and a horse-shaped cookie cutter.

A special thank you to all the volunteers who made this event a great success. We are already looking forward to next year’s movie night event.



Build Futures

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Build Futures is dedicated to taking homeless youth ages 18-24 off the streets of Orange County and providing them with the resources necessary to reach self-sufficiency. We begin by providing them with stable housing and one-on-one support.

Build Futures uses a structured, step-by-step program called “Steps to Success” which is tailored to each youth and connects them with services and resources needed to obtain and maintain long-term independence.

Kids in crisis have no home, no hope and no way out unless we get them off the street now.

  • Over 11,000 Orange County high school students are homeless, 2,773 are seniors aged 18 or turning 18.
  • California’s unsheltered homeless youth population is 79% of the total number of homeless youth.
  • Orange County has the third highest poverty rate in California at 24.2%.
Why Are They On The Streets?
  • Run away from sexual, physical, or emotional abuse
  • From homeless families
  • Thrown out of their home
Steps to Success

Initial Placement

  • Emergency Housing
  • Mentor
  • Phone
  • Transportation

Requirements for Work

  • California ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Transportation

Basic Needs

  • Food Stamps
  • Medical Insurance
  • Mental Health
  • Medical Issues
  • Legal Issues

Work Readiness

  • Resume
  • Job Skills
  • Job Placement
  • Childcare

Education/Life Skills

  • HS/GED Attainment
  • Academic/ Vocational
  • Financial Literacy

Independent Living

  • Permanent Housing
  • Living Wage
  • Driver’s License
  • Volunteer Coordinator- Coordinate and manage volunteers in one or more key functional areas.
  • Fundraising- Organize and implement a fundraiser. Bring donors in the door. Assist with a donor relations strategy and create a fund development plan.
  • Grant Writer- Help with grant writing and submission
  • Web Design/ WordPress- Upgrade the website, enhance appearance and content including multimedia.
  • Marketing- Help with brand messaging, start an online marketing and social media campaign.
  • Multiledia- produce a promotional video.
  • Youth Case Management Coordinator- Help assure all case notes are maintained, aid in tracking the progress of the youth, assure utilization of required resources.
  • Resource manager- Help maintain our current resource database located at
  • more volunteer opportunities at
How To Help
  • Rent- one month $500.00, one year $6,000.00
  • Bus Passes- weekly $25.00, ten-day $45.00, monthly $69.00
  • Cash donations
  • Phones- cell phone $50.00, service $35.00
  • Food gift cards $10.00- $50.00
  • Basic Needs Gift Cards- Wal-mart, Target, Kohl’s $20.00- $100.00
  • Fundraising- organize a fundraising event
A Final Note:

Build Futures has never turned away a homeless youth seeking help in Orange County who wants to turn their life around and with your support, we never will.

Build Futures addresses a problem people don’t know exists and is only getting worse. People often assume they haven’t seen these kids before, but they have–they look like any 18 to 24-year old.

Build Futures prevents homeless youth from a life of crime, drugs, jail, and/or sex trafficking. Jail costs $109.00/night versus $125.00/week to provide housing through Build Futures.

Orange County has one of the highest per-capita homeless rates in the state and without intervention, this demographic is facing chronic homelessness throughout their lives.

It only takes an average or $1000.00 to transform a life and restore hope.

Robyne’s Nest

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The mission of Robyne’s Nest is to ensure identified at-risk and homeless students in our local community find the nourishment, encouragement and focus for a brighter, confident future to complete high school and on to college.

In recent years, it has been noted that many students are struggling when it comes to basic needs and support from their parents. Parents are choosing not to put their children’s needs above their own issues causing lack of food, housing, school support, even safety. The answer is not as simple as calling the police or CPS (Child Protective Services), as this may only aggravate the problem. Many of these students want help and that is why they continue to go to school looking for some security, routine, and a place to belong. Robyne’s Nest helps provide the resources for school administrators to take care of these students and create a path to successful completion of high school.

Surrounded by drugs, homelessness and human trafficking, this is a proactive step to keep our desperate youth out of these three areas.


Food- breakfast, lunch, after sports snacks, weekend meal cards

Clothing– especially jeans, jackets, long sleeve items for winter

Basic Necessities– deodorant, feminine hygiene, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap

Education Assistance– tutoring, school supplies, backpacks

Provide guidance and support for homeless students to find housing and jobs

Provide transportation– bikes, bus passes, skateboards, helmets as needed

Provide Life-Skills– classes for students who are living on their own (banking, taxes, insurance, etc.)

Provide a network within the schools to help ensure complete support for all students in affected families

Funds for high school senior activities including graduation

Funds for TB tests for jobs

Donations can be made to Robyne’s Nest online at